Saturday, July 26, 2008

Putrajaya Big Walk...

well,from the title bace macam best time aku g event 2,bosan betol la..huhu..mule2 dapat bju yg bsar pastu dpt beg wane merah..then,ade senaman yg aku malas nak buat..the big event is the walk la..rupe2nye jalan 2 km je..hahaha..pastu tgk persembahan cheerleading,bdk2 bt shuffle and ade bdk skolah sukan bt persembahan gimrama..bosan yg best 2 amek gmbr dgn kwn2..hehe..well,that's the event of the day..lastly,makanan kt warong mak jah mahal gile!!!huhuhu...naseb baik lauk die sedap..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what is really important!!

well,i really dont know how to react to your demand..after thinking a lot, i figure that maybe i'm not good enough for you look is important in a relationship..but to me it is not..the important thing is loyalty,honesty,love and care..think about it..