Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School Experience: Sandgate Primary..=)

Hey2 readers!

This week is my reading week for this term..reading week usually in Malaysia means that a week of study before your final exam but in CCCU, reading week is actually for reading! no exam afterwards..the aim of this week is actually for students to catch up with all the past readings,assignments and reorganise their academic stuff..usually reading is where my friends and i go travel elsewhere but this time i chose to stay here in Canterbury and actually do some reading and organise my files and notes..honestly,it is all because i want to save money for my euro trip next year..=)

for this entry, i am going to write about my experience in Sandgate Primary and how it is different from the primary system in Malaysia..

Firstly, i went to Sandgate Primary School, Folkestone last two weeks for my School Experience course..the next trip there will be next week on tuesday..i was placed in a year 1 class and it was a great experience..the children were so cute and so small and also so energetic..

In Malaysia,the primary students start class at 7.45am and end at 1.30pm but here in the UK, primary school starts at 9am and ends at 3pm..they have playtime and there is only one teacher that teaches every subject in the class..and there is also a teching assisstant to help out the teacher..this is totally different from the system in Malaysia as the teacher will change according to subjects.

They also have fruit time which the students are given 5-10 minutes to eat fruits they like and most of the students will choose carrots..they just eat like that..i was super impressed because i am not a fan of carrots..every day,they have around half an hour to do anything they like..such as maths,colouring,arts,reading..

the class that i went is a mixed ability class and the teacher put them into groups and gave them different task according to their ability..whereas in Malaysia the primary students are given the ssame task for everyone to do..

Lastly,is the age of when they start school..the start primary school at around 4 years old..they will have 2 years of foundation which is kindergarden in Malaysia..and they start year one at the age of 5 or 6..so they finish primary school at around 10 or 11 years old..this is different to our system which will start primary school at the age of 7 and ends at the age of 12..

here are some of the pictures of the school..we weren't allowed to take pictures of the children..pictures credit to Emira Nabila

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me and volunteering!

hey3 readers!

how's ur weekend?yesterday i went to Strode Park to volunteer and it was my first time..hee..i was so nervous and clueless in what i am going to do there..i went there with ana,amalina,zz,lipvi,seetal,ivon,and sem..we took the bus that was heading to Herne Bay and it was a 20 minutes bus ride..i thought the foundation is far but it was not that far..yesterday was the first anniversary of the Saturday Club..so,there was a little celebration and there was a cake..and it was so delicious! I was sad at first when seeing the people in Strode Park..i remember how i took care of my Grandfather when he was sick and i was 13 years old..it was tough because he was always restless but eventually my mom send him to the old folks home because they have trained nurses and doctors..me n my mom visit my grandfather everyday until he passed away on the 14th feb 2001..i was so sad..i was quite close with my grandfather..so,looking and the people at the Strode Park really brings out all the memories..

so,enough with all the sad stuff..yesterday,i played dominoes with one of the people there..his name is Jonathan...when i lost and did not have the tiles he will be the one that laugh the loudest..it was so much fun seeing him so happy..i even let him win because i love it when he laughs and smiles..

so,below is some of the pictures i took yesterday...the quality is not good because i took it with my phone..hee

lipvi giving chocolates to maggie
zz played the scrabble
this is jonathan! =)

P/s: Al-fatihah to both of my Grandparents..
P/ss: i miss my family so much!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CCCU Open Day!!

Hey2 readers..been busy the whole week and today had a serious migrain..ohhhh man second year is tough! And the subjects are quite dry..huhu

So,last saturday,there was an open day at my uni..there were 2500 registered for the open day..i was the tour guide..my first open day,i was only stand at the cafe and show directions but this time i went around the uni to show the future students and their parents..

My english sucks when i am nervous..i dont knwo what was wrong with me but after a few groups,i regain my confidence and guide with ease..cant wait for my 50 pounds voucher whis is equals to rm250!!!

Below is picture of me at gate 4 of the uni..


Friday, October 8, 2010

inspirational pictures!

hey2..haven't been updating for a few days..kind of busy..so,for this entry is to upload some inspirational pictures that ive taken and edited..comment it ok?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

100 penulis!

ok change it up for today..nak tulis entry in BM...entry kali nie nak memperkenalkan blog 100penulis.com..hmm..ape itu ekh??mule2 join blog nie pun blur2 gak tp dah lme2 dh ok dh..

secara ringkasnye,100 penulis nie blog di mane 100 orang editor or blogger berkumpul and tulis ape je asalkn bukan entry yang melampau..mesti tertanye mcm mane 100 blogger tulis dlm 1 blog..mesti pening and bersepah..tp tidak! admin 100 penulis buat jadual tuk setiap penulis dlm 100 penulis nih..tuk lagi teratur and sistematik..

buat mase nih aku dah tulis 3 entry rasenye..tk ingat..and respons sgt memuaskan..memang seronok bile ade yang sudi bace entry yang kite tulis..

kalau korang nak tengok pe tuh 100 penulis..kat sebelah kanan blog nie ade banner 100 penulis..klik kt situ then akan redirect ke 100penulis.com..bole la korang bace entry2 dari blogger2 yg join 100 penulis nih..de entry kelakar,tips2,pengalaman masing2 and macam lagi...so ape tggu lagi?klik la...hee..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

first week of Year 2!

yesterday was the last day of week one in term one and also the first day of October 2010! i finishes my last day of week 1 with Introduction to Shakespeare class...for the first class, i thought it was okay..nothing serious or heavy yet..in this module there are 5 texts that i need to read..which are Twefth Night,Macbeth,Richard iii,Shakespeare's Sonnets and lastly The Winter's Tale..the first text going to analyse is Twelfth Night..bought the book but havent started reading it yet..hee..So far, the first was okay..did not expect that this year will be so busy..i felt so busy this week..looking for jobs,volunteering,going to class and etc..

Yesterday,went to Argos to collect my new build urself bookcase and carried that thing from argos to my house which 759metre the distance..huihhh..and it weighs around 9.6kg..haaa..i was so excited to build it so hurried up to my room and start opening the box and read the instruction..at first it was confusing but i manage..however,there were tools needed which i dont have..so i knocked on my neighbour's door to borrow the tools..he said that he'll come by my house in half an hour..

after half an hour,he knocked my door with tools from screw driver to hammer..he asked me which tools that i need..

Me: This is the instruction..and the tools i need is hammer and this size of screw driver
My awesome neighbour: i have it..do you want me to fix it up for you?
Me: i think i can manage although a bit confusing
My awesome neighbour: nahh..bring it down..i'll do it for you..
Me: *happy*

after 30 minutes or so,he finishes the bookcase..i helped him a bit..we talked and learned things about him..

From this!

To this!

P/s: thanks my dear awesome neighbour!! you are the best!