Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A phone call to Malaysia!

Hello2 my dear readers!

I just finished talking to my parents. I will call them once or twice every week. Because the laptop does not have a webcam and the mic of the laptop is currently not working, I have to call my mom's mobile through voip12. I usually talk to my about 1 hour per call..hehe..and I talk to my dad about 5 or 10 minutes only. I am comfortable in telling everything to my mom even things that I do not tell others. But my dad, we just do not have anything to say.

My mom always tell me about her daily life. What did she cook for dinner, what did she do before I called, what my sister and brother are doing, what is her latest project, and everything happened in her life! I would do the same! hehe

This is a common dialogue between me and my dad.

Ayah: Hello.

Me: Hello ayah. What are you doing?

Ayah: Nothing much just resting. How are you?

Me: I am ok

Ayah: How's your studies?when is your exams?

Me: My studies ok la. Exams is in May.

Ayah: Do you have enough money?

Me: Yes2. enough to survive until next allowance

Ayah: Okay. talk to mama la. take care, study hard and do not forget to pray!

Me: Okay ayah.

The most common questions would be how's your studies?Do you have enough money? Then there will be an awkward silence and my dad will pass the phone to my mom. hehe. I know my dad is a man of a few words and I know he cares about me.

Ayah, I will study hard and I will never disappoint you!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hugh Christie Technology College..Part 2!

Hey there my dear readers!

Kinda of weird starting entries with a salutation like that..haha..So, yeah I am back to the blogging world..I just started my Easter holidays last week and I have the time of my life to write this entry. The second part of my secondary school experience at Hugh Christie. I was thinking of doing a day by day entry but I feel kind of lazy. So this entry will be the whole 4 days of my school experience.

Day 2!

I went to a year 7 class the same as Form 1 in Malaysia. Felt kind of relaxed because they were age 12/13 students. Not intimidated at all. I went to Maths, Spanish, n Gym class. During Maths class the teacher asked me about the currency in Malaysia coz their studying the currency of other countries. I was kind of proud speaking about Malaysia. During Spanish, I learned a few words of Spanish and the masculinity and feminity of each word.

Day 3!

I went to a Year 8 class equivalent to Form 2 in Malaysia. Again, I felt relaxed because they wer around the age of 13/14. My ambassador was a hard working student. She loves to help teacher giving out books, hold books and she always finishes her work early.

Day 4!

Went to a Year 10 class and this is when I was shocked with the students. The students are the age of 15/16. They talked back to the teachers and the teachers were clueless with how to handle the students. They were kind of rude. I now realise that being a teacher is not easy! And we had a presentation about ourselves and also the place where we come from in Malaysia.

Day 5!

The last day of school experience!! The best day of the week! haha..Did not focused at all to the classess coz I was thinking of the weekend..haha

p/s: did not went to the year 9 class because on the day I was supposed to be with the year 9, they had an exam.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

There will be no free of workload!

Hey2 dear readers

I have no feeling to continue my story during my school experience..Will continue when I feel like it..I was just looking at my calendar and was so happy that thinking I will be free from workload in June 2011 because at that time the exams will be finished..weeee..but then I just thought that I have to work on my dissertation for my third year..huuuu..but still it will never change my anticipation of my Euro trip in July..weeee again!

And it got me thinking, there will be no free of workload from the day I start primary and till now..

Primary School : Adjusting to new surroundings and preparation for UPSR
Lower Secondary School : Preparation for PMR
Upper Secondary School : Preparation for SPM
Matriculation : Preparation for university life
Foundation in Ipba : Preparation for degree course in CCCU
CCCU & 4th year in Ipba: Preparation for future career which is a teacher-to-be

After finishes my degree education, the real workload will come. studying to be a teacher and being a teacher is not easy! This year I have done lots of lesson plans and practising in being a teacher..If teacher trainee is tough thus being a real teacher will be 100 times tough!

So, I salute to all my teachers from primary and secondary school, my lecturers in KMM and IPBA and to all educators in this world as I know now that being an educator is not an easy job as everyone sees it..

p/s: Monday - Presentation lesson plan for Teaching Literature
Tuesday - Presentation for Professional Development
Wednesday - Submission of 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition
Thursday - CCCU Malaysian Day
Friday - will be free after 3pm! weeeee

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hugh Christie Technology College..Part 1!

Anyeong my dear readers!

This past one week I've been having my school experience at Hugh Christie Secondary School, Tonbridge..My lecturers are really funny because they picked a school that is 1 hour and 30 minutes from Canterbury. However, other than the 19 students who went to Tonbridge, they went to schools that is around 30minutes from Canterbury. urghhh! we the 19 students have to wake up early and got on the bus at 7 am and arrive at Tonbridge around 8.30am..It was a long journey and really2 tiring!

The students at Hugh Christie starts school at 8.30am till 3.15pm..They have 4 subjects a day..! period is around 1 hour 20 minutes..A mixed school and specialise at technology thus the name. They have subjects like Maths,English,Technology,Religious Studies,Tourism and Travel,Business,Photography,Arts and many more..The system is seriously different from the Malaysian system. The age range is 11 years old till 17 years old..they call it year 7-11..we call it form 1-5..

The one week in school, we have a tour guide each from each year so that everyone have the chance to go to every year and a teacher who is so weird! haha..

Day 1!

I went to the year 11 and my guide was a girl named Chloe. I think she is a smart student because she had finished all her coursework and exams. so she goes to school just to help out the teachers, see her friends. I went to the Travel and Tourism class, Business class, and Science class..The year 11 students is equivalent to the form 5 students in Malaysia except they are a year younger.

Students' Artwork
with Aisyah and Ema in the Photography classroom
me on the way back to canterbury..Tiring first day!

p/s: will continue my story at the school. Unfotunately now I have to do my Shakespeare assignment..huhu..@_@