Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A phone call to Malaysia!

Hello2 my dear readers!

I just finished talking to my parents. I will call them once or twice every week. Because the laptop does not have a webcam and the mic of the laptop is currently not working, I have to call my mom's mobile through voip12. I usually talk to my about 1 hour per call..hehe..and I talk to my dad about 5 or 10 minutes only. I am comfortable in telling everything to my mom even things that I do not tell others. But my dad, we just do not have anything to say.

My mom always tell me about her daily life. What did she cook for dinner, what did she do before I called, what my sister and brother are doing, what is her latest project, and everything happened in her life! I would do the same! hehe

This is a common dialogue between me and my dad.

Ayah: Hello.

Me: Hello ayah. What are you doing?

Ayah: Nothing much just resting. How are you?

Me: I am ok

Ayah: How's your studies?when is your exams?

Me: My studies ok la. Exams is in May.

Ayah: Do you have enough money?

Me: Yes2. enough to survive until next allowance

Ayah: Okay. talk to mama la. take care, study hard and do not forget to pray!

Me: Okay ayah.

The most common questions would be how's your studies?Do you have enough money? Then there will be an awkward silence and my dad will pass the phone to my mom. hehe. I know my dad is a man of a few words and I know he cares about me.

Ayah, I will study hard and I will never disappoint you!

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Azham Vosovic said...

My dad is a man of few words too sis, and we rarely talk...