Monday, March 28, 2011

Hugh Christie Technology College..Part 2!

Hey there my dear readers!

Kinda of weird starting entries with a salutation like that..haha..So, yeah I am back to the blogging world..I just started my Easter holidays last week and I have the time of my life to write this entry. The second part of my secondary school experience at Hugh Christie. I was thinking of doing a day by day entry but I feel kind of lazy. So this entry will be the whole 4 days of my school experience.

Day 2!

I went to a year 7 class the same as Form 1 in Malaysia. Felt kind of relaxed because they were age 12/13 students. Not intimidated at all. I went to Maths, Spanish, n Gym class. During Maths class the teacher asked me about the currency in Malaysia coz their studying the currency of other countries. I was kind of proud speaking about Malaysia. During Spanish, I learned a few words of Spanish and the masculinity and feminity of each word.

Day 3!

I went to a Year 8 class equivalent to Form 2 in Malaysia. Again, I felt relaxed because they wer around the age of 13/14. My ambassador was a hard working student. She loves to help teacher giving out books, hold books and she always finishes her work early.

Day 4!

Went to a Year 10 class and this is when I was shocked with the students. The students are the age of 15/16. They talked back to the teachers and the teachers were clueless with how to handle the students. They were kind of rude. I now realise that being a teacher is not easy! And we had a presentation about ourselves and also the place where we come from in Malaysia.

Day 5!

The last day of school experience!! The best day of the week! haha..Did not focused at all to the classess coz I was thinking of the weekend..haha

p/s: did not went to the year 9 class because on the day I was supposed to be with the year 9, they had an exam.

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