Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 most memorable moments in 2010!

hey2 my dear readers wherever and whoever you are,

tomorrow is the last day of 2010..a new year is starting..have you guys list all your new year's resolutions?i have list is not actually for 2011 but also for the years to come..insyallah i will try to improve myself..for this entry, i will reflect on the moments that for me is memorable..i will start with number 1.

1. Spending Hari Raya with my family

last year raya, i did not get the chance to celebrate raya with my family. so,this year i went back Malaysia for my Summer Holidays. i spend time with my family the whole 3 months holiday.

Theme = Orange!

2. Irsyad's 3rd place in the Public Speaking National level

It was irsyad's second time in the competition..last year he got 5th but this year he was the first malay boy in malacca to won the top 3 prize in the competition. I was so proud of him!! keep it up my lil brother

3. Piala Dato' Seri Najib

This is the first time Irsyad took part in the competition and he won first place for the English Public Speaking..I am seriously proud of no picture of him because i wasn't there..

4. Sledging with friends!

It was my first time sledging and it was so much fun..can't for snow again..the uni was closed so, my friends and I took this opportunity to go sledging near haikal's house..

5. Notts Games 2010 - The best netball team ever!

Although we did not win or even advance to second round, but i know my team is the best!

6. 15 days travel all over UK

Me and few of my friends went on a 15days journey all over UK..the places we went were:

Stratford Upon Avon

7. Spent a day with my darlings Arina and Hilmi!!

The best day of my life...went to cheras,I much fun..i miss them so much!!

8. Post Boxing Day at Ashford

A few days ago, i went to Ashford with Niny,Haikal,noh,Muna and Shap...went there with one thing on my mind to buy a bag..but end up bought 1 clarks shoes, 1 lacoste shoes and 1 lacoste bag..i spent around 60pounds..and i finall got a lacoste shoes that i want so much! haha..memorable indeed..

9. Cambridge Trip

Went to Cambridge with my batchmates and lecturers. went for a tour of Cambridge and also punting..Cambridge is full with HOT GUYS!! hahaha...

10. The day I got my baby ~ Keyboard!

The keyboard is my advance present from Niny..haha..currently practising Viva La Vida by Coldplay..maybe when i am confident enough, i'll do a video of me playing the keyboard

my baby!! hehe

Friday, December 24, 2010

ditag oleh cha hussin!

. pe bnda yg paling penting dlm hdup korang?
- bende ekh?iphone ku! haha

2. benda terakhir korang beli gune dwet sendiri?
- laptop acer aspire..huk2..

3. di mana korang nk melangsungkan perkahwinan korang?
- kat rumah sendiri..mahal bt tempat lain..hehe

4. adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang ?
- tidak!

5. berape lame korang akan menyintai kekasih korang?
- insyallah kalau jumpe yg btol2, akan syg die smpai akhir nyawa nih..wahhh..mmg tk bole blah..haha

6. dimane korang selalu jumpe kekasih korang ?
- tkdo kekasih skrg so tk jumpe kt mane2 la..

7. novel/ buku/ majalah yg terakhir korang beli ?
- buku last beli - King Richard iii...tuk module shakespeare

8. apekah name penuh korang?
- name penuh ilidina binti mahadi

9. antare mak n ayah korang, mane korang lg mesra?
- dgn mama sy..lg selesa nk cite2..hehe

10. namekan org2 yg betol2 korang nk jumpe dlm hidup.

11. adekah korang basuh baju sendiri ?
- certain2 baju ah..

12. di mane tempat yg korang betol2 nk p?
- at the moment..nk g melake..miss my family!!

13. pilih salah satu peluk atau cium?
- Hugs!

14. beritahu 3 perkare tentang org yg tag korang?
- comel
- teammate netball
- die nih sempoi n gile2..hehe

15. 5 benda yg korang syg sgt dlm hdup korang
- my iphone!
- my laptop!
- my duvet!
- my keyboard!
- my 2 pair of levis yg ayh belikan..mekaseh ayah!

16. 5 lagu korang suke n selalu dengar
- hwanhee - while doing
- taufik batisah - janjiku padamu
- bruno mars - just the way you are, marry you
- kim jong kook - today more than yesterday

17. bile tarikh lahir korang n korang sambut besday bile tahun lepas?
- 26 april 1988
- tahun lepas celebrate birthday dgn housemate kt pizza hut and celebrate dlm kelas coz first day sem baru..huk3..

Tak nak tag sape2..hehe..sape yg rase nk bt silalah..=)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abu Bakar Elah @ ABE!

hey2 readers,

haven't been updating my blog for so long..have nothing to write and nothing to say..i've been thinking about the entry but cant seems to find anything interesting to write..but, for this entry gonna blog about the new member of 44 regency place family..his name is Abu Bakar Elah or in short we call him abe..hehe..i am seriously afraid of cats but after a while with abe, i fell in love with him..he is so cute!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Holidays! yeahhhhh!

dear readers!

it is officially the winter holidays!! weeeeeee....but not so fast..i still have one more assignment to be submitted next week..huuu..lets forget about assignment for a while..last week Canterbury was hit by snow that was so thick until the uni has to was a very happy days for the CCCU,niny,fatin and aisyah spent out free day sledging near haikal's was so much fun and it was my first time sledging..the happiest thing was spending time with my are some of the pictures..

p/s: one month holiday! weeeeee