Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day of September....

hey3 my dear readers,

today is such a tiring day..had class from 9am till 12pm..then go job and volunteering hunting till 2 pm..and another class from 2pm till 5pm..huuuu..and today's subject is so serious and kinda heavy..currently my mind and my head is in a shocking state because i am so dizzy with all the information i learned today...huihhh..and today is my 4th day of Puasa Enam..6 days of fasting in the month of Syawal..yeahh..i have only 2 days to go..this fasting is not compulsary but it is encouraged to do it..

so,today is the last day of september and it has been 3 weeks since i came back to uk..huu..i am done adjusting with the time,the weather and everything..i missed my family already and i am planning not to go back to malaysia during summer next year..on tuesday, i went to Rochester House to see Victoria Hart about my vouchers that i got for working on open day..

On the last week of june there was an Open Day for my uni and there were parents,siblings, and also future students of my uni that came to see the campus and also hear lectures on the course they would like to register..i volunteer myself to joined the occasion..

it started at 9am and finishes at around 3.30pm..there a lot of students that joined to be tour guides and help showing rooms and halls for the lectures..i chose to be in the cafe..the minute i got to the cafe, people were keep asking me questions such as where is this room,where should i register,where's the toilet..i helped them with every questions with a friendly face and cheerful was so tiring coz i have to just stand at the cafe and wait for people to ask if they have any problems.

although it was tiring, i had fun and i met new people..especially locals..other than that, i also improved my English a little bit and i am now more confident in speaking english with the locals and on top of that i got 45pounds Argos vouchers which is equal to RM219. Argos is a place like ikea but cheaper than ikea..i am planning to buy me some duvet,duvet cover,new bedsheets and a bookshelf.

on the 9th of oct 2010, there will be another open day and guess what i will be joining it too..and this time they will give the ones working on open day 50pounds vouchers. and maybe this time i am going to choose ASDA..i can buy groceries and food there..wee

my vouchers!!

p/s: am looking for a job and volunteering opportunities!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reality sets in!!

First class of the new semester will start on 27th September on Monday....huaaaaaaa....3 months of summer holiday really flew passed me like a jetplane..this year the marks will be accounted for and the lecturers will not be lenient in marking the assignments and also the exams papers..pressure!!

my class on Monday starts at 2pm till 5pm Language Awareness class..and for this year i'll be taking Shakespeare for my elective..i am so intrigued by would be fun learning and interpret his poems,sonnets and plays..can't wait to start my elective class which is on Friday 1pm till 3pm..there are for of us who will be taking,Hasmath,Nefiy and Miera..and others in our class are locals..kinda freaking out coz will be in one class with the class..i am hoping that i can fit in well and my english will be fluent enough after my summer holidays..haha..that is why i write my blog in English to improve!

I am thinking of setting some goals for myself and will reward myself at the end of my second year if i accomplished the goals..

i will write here for this entry and will put it on the right collumn of my here it goes!

1. i will try to focus in class...haha
2. i will try not to procrastinate
3. will be more organise
4. will study hard and smart!
5. do more volunteering jobs (13 hours of volunteering so far)

these are my goals so far..hahaha..

Malaysian Pasar Malam in Trafalgar Square!

hey3...yesterday went to London for the Malaysian Pasar was so packed with people,the food were yummy..and there's also some Malaysian Traditional Performances..hehe..went there with 7 of my friends..took the train from Canterbury at 9am and arrive in London around 11am..then we split up..niny and me went to Oxford Street while the others went to MSD to eat..Me and Niny went window shopping and niny bought some shirts for her brothers at Gap..Got 30% discount..huuu..around 3pm met up with my friends at Westminster Station coz Noh wants to take pictures in front of the Big Ben..Around 4pm arrived at Trafalgar Square and was shocked coz it was packed with local uk people..hehe..they were trying to buy food..i was there to take photos only but end up eating Rendang Kambing and Beriani coz so damn hungry and the smell was so nice! one plate was was expensive but worth it..

took some of pictures of the event but not my are the pictures..

milo 2 kg = 10pounds..mahal2..

menikmati makanan Malaysia

the melon man

salah satu menu..gerai tk ingat..hehe..dapur dessert kot

ade local news tengah rakam owg masak satay

rojak buah

menu satay house

penat abang nih melayan customer

MAS katenye ade offer murah balik Malaysia..akan di survey

Gamelan dimainkan oleh locals

Rendang kambing and beriani Satay House..sedap!!

penat tunggu ayah beratur beli makanan

menu lagi

mat salleh makan and bersembang..

p/s: had a great time with my friends on the train..hehe

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog app on my iphone!

Hey2...i was checking out the itunes app store and discovered an app which is is an app for anyone to update their blog and there's a service for blog host such as blogger and wordpress..kinda of impressed! Now,i dont need to on my laptop to updatr my blog..i can update on the costs not sure how much it cost in is an affordable app and can also upload photos..below is the test upload

Me and niny

P/s: super impressive!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Open house in Canterbury!

Last Sunday,my friends and I were invited to Abg. Nizam's house for an open house..Abg nizam is a Kent Uni student and his wife works at Whitstable..his house is quite near to mine so we just walked was so much fun meeting other malaysians there..meeting new friends..had a great are some pictures courtesy of Niny Palal..did not bring my camera coz just plain lazy..hehe

my house after beraya at abg nizam's house they came to mine..hehe

Auntie Azmah's!
the food!!!
the host!

p/s: i am still jetlag!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Current Location: Canterbury,UK

yessss...i am already here in Canterbury..huuu..arrived yesterday at 6pm uk time..depart from kl 1.30am msia time..and transit at Cairo for 5 hours..arrived at london around 3.30pm uk time and got a taxi to take me and 3 of my friends to Canterbury..the weather is quite cold and as i am writing this post, it is 13 degree Celcius..huhu..and i am wearing sweater in the house..

before going to KLIA, me and my family went to JJ Seremban go eat Manhattan Fish Market..we ordered seafood platter and my brother ordered kids meal Fish and Chips..had a great night with my family..missing them are some of the pictures..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My luggage is packed!

This is my 201th entry! flight to go back to uk is on the 16th,tomorrow evening will drive to KLIA..i've just finished packing my luggage..

things in my luggage

1. shirts
2. shorts
3. jeans
4. a box of food
5. tudung
6. socks
7. my 1 pair of heels..
8. stationeries stuff
10. my coach bag

in there are maggi,asam keping,kulit kayu manis,asam jawa..for cooking

to that someone,i now have different colours tudung!

p/s: my luggage weigh 15kgs..the limit is 20kgs..=)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First day of Raya!

yesterday was the first day of raya and i celebrated with my family at my aunt's house in shah alam who is my mum's sister..had so much fun meeting my cousins,meeting my uncles and aunts..and not to forget meeting my nieces and family wore are some of the pictures:

abg oji and aqif

najwa and adib
my veru cute nephew and niece!!

my family! orangey baby!

nini and me

p/s: some of the photos are from my camera and some from my cousins camera..5 more days to back to uk..=( havent started packing yet..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

yesterday,the announcement has been made..the Muslims in Malaysia will be celebrating raya on the 10th of september which is is the last day of fasting..i'm using this chance to wish


-all my friends
-anyone that knows me

and would like to apologise if i have done something to hurt you,say something bad to you and every wrong doing i've done in the past...i am so sorry..

drive safely
be healthy (don't eat too much)

to all my friends in the UK that is not coming back to Malaysia,

Don't be sad ok?

will see u guys next week!

p/s: 6 more days to my flight to uk..=(

Monday, September 6, 2010

Experience: Celebrating Raya Overseas! is the 27th day of puasa..time flies so has been 2 months i am back home and another 10 days i'll be going back to uk..huhu..there's a few more days to raya..this year i'll be celebrating raya with my family here in malaysia but last year is my first time celebrate raya without my family..last year,my flight to uk was on the 13th of september..a week before raya..the morning of raya i felt so homesick and feel like crying coz i miss my family..

the first of raya last year,me and my friends went to the house of a malaysian family to celebrate raya..luckily there are malaysians living in canterbury...then, we walked to John's (my lecturer) house to celebrate raya with all of my lecturers and friends..we did a potluck,so every house have to bring one meal for the are some pictures of last year raya..

p/s: friends are your family when you are studying in overseas!