Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day of September....

hey3 my dear readers,

today is such a tiring day..had class from 9am till 12pm..then go job and volunteering hunting till 2 pm..and another class from 2pm till 5pm..huuuu..and today's subject is so serious and kinda heavy..currently my mind and my head is in a shocking state because i am so dizzy with all the information i learned today...huihhh..and today is my 4th day of Puasa Enam..6 days of fasting in the month of Syawal..yeahh..i have only 2 days to go..this fasting is not compulsary but it is encouraged to do it..

so,today is the last day of september and it has been 3 weeks since i came back to uk..huu..i am done adjusting with the time,the weather and everything..i missed my family already and i am planning not to go back to malaysia during summer next year..on tuesday, i went to Rochester House to see Victoria Hart about my vouchers that i got for working on open day..

On the last week of june there was an Open Day for my uni and there were parents,siblings, and also future students of my uni that came to see the campus and also hear lectures on the course they would like to register..i volunteer myself to joined the occasion..

it started at 9am and finishes at around 3.30pm..there a lot of students that joined to be tour guides and help showing rooms and halls for the lectures..i chose to be in the cafe..the minute i got to the cafe, people were keep asking me questions such as where is this room,where should i register,where's the toilet..i helped them with every questions with a friendly face and cheerful was so tiring coz i have to just stand at the cafe and wait for people to ask if they have any problems.

although it was tiring, i had fun and i met new people..especially locals..other than that, i also improved my English a little bit and i am now more confident in speaking english with the locals and on top of that i got 45pounds Argos vouchers which is equal to RM219. Argos is a place like ikea but cheaper than ikea..i am planning to buy me some duvet,duvet cover,new bedsheets and a bookshelf.

on the 9th of oct 2010, there will be another open day and guess what i will be joining it too..and this time they will give the ones working on open day 50pounds vouchers. and maybe this time i am going to choose ASDA..i can buy groceries and food there..wee

my vouchers!!

p/s: am looking for a job and volunteering opportunities!


RJ said...

Must be difficult being away from home yeah.. but hey, you're doing a good cause for yourself and others.

Study hard, all the best!


Ilidina.. said...

RJ: thanks! a will study hard and do my best! thanks!! really appreciate it

ErikaToh said... cheer up, ya darling? *Huggies* Have a fun day with those vouchers! xD