Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 best games on my iphone!

i am kinda bored and don't know what to write for today's entry so i was playing a game on my iphone and i got an idea..this entry is about the 5 best games on my iphone...this list is based on my opinion and i do not generalise it with anyone liking..this is my personal here goes..

1. Doodle Jump!!

this the best one! it is so addictive and fun...the first time i downloaded to my iphone,i was puzzled and dod not how to play it..i have to move my iphone so that the green guy wont miss a platform,wont get hit by a monster,wont get sucked by a ufo or a black hole..everytime game over i will continue to beat my last score..currently i am in the level score of 20 thousand..some people who played this games had got to score of 100 thousand..i am so slow! but never mind..this game is so addictive! there's underwater theme,classic,space,ghost,and world cup theme..

this is the world cup theme

2. Plants vs Zombies

this game is just preventing the zombies from going inside the house..the defence of the house is the plants..the plants requires sun to there will be a plant that produces sun..i have to collect the suns to plant other plants that will attack the zombies..haven't finished yet coz it is so hard when in level 4..huhu..there's 10 small chapter in every level..i think it has 5 level..

this is one of the chapter..

3. Amateur Surgeon

this game is rated 18 and is about a guy who wants to be a doctor..he operates people in an alley..i have to be the guy and help patients that has weirdest sickness ever! there's one patient that got stabbed and i realise that in his stomach there's ant manifestation..currently on file number 3..the final file..the patients are weird and is kind of hard to solve the problem..

one of the weird patients

4. Angry Birds

okayy the objective of the games is killing all the green pigs..but it is like a puzzle..the birds will be flying to hit the requires strategy..yeahh..for people that are not into games they will think i am crazy for thinking that this games need thinking skill and they will think i am wasting my time..but this game is so addictive that i need to finish all the levels..i've finished all of it..but the game constantly updated so there will always a new level to be played

one of the level to solve

5. Mega Jump

this game is as same as doodle jump but not that addictive..the objective is to collect th money until i miss any platform and game over..i like it because i always wants to beat my own score..

so,these are the games that i played on my iphone when i am bored,when i'm waiting for someone and even when i'm on break during class

p/s: 11 more days to go back to uk..=(


JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smile. have a great day ahead. I prefer toss the paper game

Ilidina.. said...

JLean: thank you for dropping by...=) u too have a great day!

Merrinette said...

plant vs zombies looks cute!

Ilidina.. said...

merrinette: it is..but the sound kinda scary..hehe

Calvin Ong said...

i love doodle jump and plants vs zombies! nanged and visited!

Ilidina.. said...

Calvin: thanks for visiting! =)

chris federick said...

I love doodle jump! But i play on my fren's iphone only haha. My highest score is 63,00 and i save my name on their phones haha.

Aku dan Sesuatu said...

my phone only nokia3210..

kusut said...

one of the reasons i can't wait to go back home to malaysia and resume life+career there is because of this thing. everyone uses them..! can't afford to buy one without contract, and cant sign up for contract because less than 6 months left living abroad!

ugh patience is indeed not one of my strong points ><

tokyo_nights said...

Nice list. I like Words with Friends, Doodle Jump, Mega Jump, Ridge Racer Accelerated and vParticle Plus on the iPhone.

Haven't bought Plants vs. Zombies yet.

Anonymous said...

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