Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reality sets in!!

First class of the new semester will start on 27th September on Monday....huaaaaaaa....3 months of summer holiday really flew passed me like a jetplane..this year the marks will be accounted for and the lecturers will not be lenient in marking the assignments and also the exams papers..pressure!!

my class on Monday starts at 2pm till 5pm Language Awareness class..and for this year i'll be taking Shakespeare for my elective..i am so intrigued by would be fun learning and interpret his poems,sonnets and plays..can't wait to start my elective class which is on Friday 1pm till 3pm..there are for of us who will be taking,Hasmath,Nefiy and Miera..and others in our class are locals..kinda freaking out coz will be in one class with the class..i am hoping that i can fit in well and my english will be fluent enough after my summer holidays..haha..that is why i write my blog in English to improve!

I am thinking of setting some goals for myself and will reward myself at the end of my second year if i accomplished the goals..

i will write here for this entry and will put it on the right collumn of my here it goes!

1. i will try to focus in class...haha
2. i will try not to procrastinate
3. will be more organise
4. will study hard and smart!
5. do more volunteering jobs (13 hours of volunteering so far)

these are my goals so far..hahaha..

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niny said...

happy studying kak! ^_________^
shakespeare huh? hehhe