Saturday, January 29, 2011

About Dates

Hey2 Dear Readers,

Early morning in Canterbury..It's 8.02 am as I am writing this post..This past one week was so busy and tiring..I had finished my school experience last Tuesday with a Malaysia day with the students..Each classes has different activities such as traditional games,currency,collage of states in Malaysia,drinks in Malaysia and many more..The last highlight of the day was the dancing from the dance group..There was malay dance, Indian dance,Chinese dance and Sumazau dance..It tiring but fun at the same time and I was actually relieved that the school experience has ended..weeee

I am in my second year and it is seriously tough..Currently i have a few of assignments to be submitted before Spring Break and around 3 micro teaching lessons that i have to do..huhu..

9 February 2011: Micro teaching Lesson 1

16 February 2011: Micro teaching Lesson 2

16 March 2011 : Submit Assignment Investigating English
Micro teaching Lesson 3

23 March 2011 : Submit Assignment First and Second Language Acquisition

This year all of the assignments and exams will be taken account of for the full mark at the end of my studies...huhu..I feel pressure from this..Hopefully I can do much better in my exams and assignments..and also micro teaching..

p/s: Not feeling well right now..combo illness..Fever,Flu and Cough..huhu..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drama = Zero!

hey2 readers,

Woke up this morning with a great determination to live a life with zero drama..I kind of mentally exhausted last Sunday n,from today onwards no more caring about what people says or interaction is better than a shitty interaction..I am gonna focus on maintaining relationship with the people I trust rather than go give a damn about people I will not trust..I don't think I need a lot of friends..I would rather have a few good and great friends than a lot of back stabbers and shitty friends..If you ever read this entry I would say that just watch your back because your eyes will show that people like you but in reality they don't..So,you can start feeling nervous..without your friends,you are nothing..I know some people don't like me also but who cares..I have lots of other people that love me and will support me in anything I do..and ohh yeahh before I forget, I have deleted my twitter account..Twitter for me is just a place where people that are full of negativity throwing out what they can't say in front of the person they have a problem with..You will feel that your tweets are all ambiguous but people who is following you can easily figure it out who you are trying to no more following your 'ambiguous tweets' and you can just shout whatever you want..I don't really care anymore..=)

P/S: Finished reading my Richard iii play...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Viva La Vida (keyboard)

second video...Viva La Vida by Coldplay...i am seriously a beginner pardon any mistakes i made on this video..will always try to improve myself..comments are welcomed..=)

Monday, January 17, 2011

My dearest Ayah!!


May all ur wishes come true
Thank you for everyhing that you have given me
I miss and love you so much!
wait for my birthday card okay?



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Battery recharged!

hey2 dear readers,

I would say this one week was a bit challenging for me..mentally,emotionally and also physically! I was ready for the first week of term 2 but never thought that something that will caused even my mum to notice to happen this one's life there will always be ups and are not always on the top..but as long as i have my friends,my family and Allah SWT with me, I will be fine..

Started the week with a clear mind and full spirit to start the new semester. Tuesday and Thursday were the days that was physically tiring because on Tuesday I went to Sandgate and Thursday my class starts at 9am and ends at 5pm..The first time I went to Sandgate, it was so exciting but after a few session at Sandgate, I would say I am tired and can't wait for the last day at Sandgate..Sorry to all the teachers and students of Sandgate..All of you has been so wonderful when I am at school but it is me that feel so physically and mentally exhausted..sometimes I even question myself, can I do it when i become a real teacher?can I manage to be passionate in teaching once i started?But after thinking about my family, i would erase all those questions and try my hardest to study and stay strong..I am doing this for myself,my parents that sacrifice so much for me and for my siblings who are depending on me for their future..

I did 5 hours of volunteering this week and I seriously proud of myself to have the strength and passion to go for volunteering..After talking to Lip vi and Seetal, I have set a goal for me to achieve..Which is I will at least do 50 hours of volunteering by end of this year..currently I have done 23.5 hours of volunteering..I just started volunteering at the charity shop of Children's Trust Canterbury..My first was quite fun and nerve wrecking at first because I have zero experience in using the till but my manager insisted in teaching me using the till..I was scared that I will make a mistake but after my manager teaches me how to use it,I am confidently saying that I now know how to use the till..hehe..I will be doing around 6 hours per week between 2 days Monday and Friday morning..

I have learned a lot this past one week..positive,negative,good and bad..All this experience are more to improve myself to be a better person for my family and also to everyone around me..I am completely recharged for the second week of term 2..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just the way you are (Keyboard)

just the way your are slow version..haha..i have to practise more..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Song for this blog...(Pilot)


I woke up this morning and the song Just a Dream a cover by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie stuck in my head..this song is originally sang by Nelly but i like the cover version..So,i thought why don't i put it as my blog's background song.

I know that some people would like this song but some will stop the song when they visit my blog. This entry is me as the blog owner asking my readers

What do you think of the song?
Should I continue putting it as a background?

p/s: write ur opinion at the comment or at the chat box..=)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New! New!

New Layout!
New Font!
New Header!
New Year!

A New Me??