Monday, January 24, 2011

Drama = Zero!

hey2 readers,

Woke up this morning with a great determination to live a life with zero drama..I kind of mentally exhausted last Sunday n,from today onwards no more caring about what people says or interaction is better than a shitty interaction..I am gonna focus on maintaining relationship with the people I trust rather than go give a damn about people I will not trust..I don't think I need a lot of friends..I would rather have a few good and great friends than a lot of back stabbers and shitty friends..If you ever read this entry I would say that just watch your back because your eyes will show that people like you but in reality they don't..So,you can start feeling nervous..without your friends,you are nothing..I know some people don't like me also but who cares..I have lots of other people that love me and will support me in anything I do..and ohh yeahh before I forget, I have deleted my twitter account..Twitter for me is just a place where people that are full of negativity throwing out what they can't say in front of the person they have a problem with..You will feel that your tweets are all ambiguous but people who is following you can easily figure it out who you are trying to no more following your 'ambiguous tweets' and you can just shout whatever you want..I don't really care anymore..=)

P/S: Finished reading my Richard iii play...

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