Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're a Malaysian who's been to UK if...

yeahhh...i joined a group in facebook two months ago which called You're a Malaysian who's been to UK if...this group shows the after effect of being in the UK a few years then coming back to Malaysia..so,you're a Malaysian who's been to UK if these applies to you:

1. you open the tap water and drink from it!
- hahaha...yeahh..in the uk, it is safe to drink straight from the tap

2. you use Singapore and Thailand as landmarks when explaining where Malaysia is
- apparently,the some British people does not know where Malaysia is but they know where is Singapore and where is thailand..i usually say Malaysia is in between Sinapore and Thailand.

3. you shed tear when watching the youtube
- the connection speed in UK is superb..fast and you will not have to wait for buffer when watching youtube.

4. you wish that there's an amazon.com.my
- amazon.co.uk is a place where we can buy cheap books and stuff online..it's so easy to online shop there because we can just use paypal and we have debit card for our bank account..it is also an ATM card..

5. your BM improves quite a lot
- this is because we use BM for code conversation and when you want to say something bad about the local people..hehe

6. you now hold the door for people,respects the zebra crossing
- people in uk think that if a person does not hold the door for the other person,it is consider as rude. the drivers there respects zebra crossing..if they see u trying to cross the road they would stop and let you cross..

7. you enjoy sunsets at 8.30 pm or 10pm..
- sunsets during can be at 8.30pm or even close to 10pm..

8. you're happy that the shops closes at 10pm
- shops in the UK opens untill 6pm

9. you say sorry when you bumped into people even if it's not your fault
- people in the UK says when they bumped into you even if it's not their fault.

10. to you Genting is too hot for a jacket
- this is because, the hottest weather in the uk during the summer is around 23 or 24 degree celcius

these are few of the ifs..hehe..there are lots more on the group in facebook..search for it..You're a Malaysia who's been to UK if..

p/s: 17 more days to my flight going back to UK! huhu

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Merdeka Experience!

Since tomorrow is Malaysia 53rd Independence Day,i would like to share my experience during the Merdeka Day in 2007..that year, it was the 50th Independence Day..the big 50! the celebration was at the Dataran Merdeka and at night there's anoother celebration at the Stadium Merdeka..so yeahh,it was my first year at IPBA and a batch of trainee teachers from each IPG has to participate in this event..so,that year,my batch was chosen for the event and also being the group leaders..If i'm not mistaken there were about 80 groups of 25 people in one group..my group was D1..the first level on the right side of the stage..my group mates were from I4P which is Institut Perguruan Pesekutuan Pulau Pinang and some from Institut Perguruan Teknik..the first day was kinda of scary being a leader to a group of strangers or people that i never used to..but they were all a great bunch of people..

the morning at Dataran Merdeka..rehearsals..

My group..D1

The rehearsals took place as early as 6am in the morning..all of us took the bus to Dataran Merdeka from Putrajaya where we were staying for 10days..and it ends at around 12pm..then at around 4pm or 5pm we started our rehersals for the night event at Stadium Merdeka till 12 am at night..we reached Putrajaya around 1am..then i shower,and straight to sleep..then at 4am we woke up and the routine continues till the 31st of August from the 22nd of august i think..

me and 1 of my group mate

we were asked to be the people that have to make the SELAMAT DATANG,THANK YOU stuff at the stage..the ones that sang songs,wave flags,changes the flags colours..it was tiring and very tense..coz if one of us did wrong,all of us will have to pay his/her mistakes..on the 31st of August we were asked to wear a kind of batik clothing..the girls had to wear Baju Kebarung and it was so oversized and hideous..the guys had to wear a Batik shirt..

by the end of the 10 days,we were all sunburnt,tired,and glad that it was over..for me,it was a great experience to participate in a nation event and i get to meet new friends along the way..the memories of running to the bus because all of us dont want to stand,rushing to have our meal,being yelled at by Pak Ngah and many more..it was a great memories to share with others..

Saturday, August 28, 2010


a short entry by me...hehe...gambar di atas popiah goreng sambal beli kat bazar Batu Berendam Putra...sedappppppppppppppppp!! seriously!! tgk je pun dah mouth watering..nyum2!

p/s: photo taken by my sony a230..not edit!

Are you an online narcissist?

i have just read the september issue of CLEO Malaysia...it is the biggest issue ever(just like what it says on the cover)..and the cover girl for this month is Miranda Kerr,wifey of Orlando Bloom..yeahhh..she is so sexy and beautiful..okaaayy so,this entry is about one of the article in CLEO which is online narcissist..

so,here's a few questions to determine whether you are an online narcissist or not..

1. Have you ever feel compelled to update your facebook status?
2. Ever tweeted something irrelevant, just because you feel like it?
3. Is travel photos that you have uploaded only the best out of the bunch?

if you says yes to all questions, then you are AN ONLINE NARCISSIST!

i answered yes for all the questions..so no doubt that i am an online narcissist..i just realised it after reading the article..the signs that you are an online narcissist are as follows..

1. you consciously post status updates to make youselves sound wittier than normal
2. you profile picture is the best of the lot
3. your holiday album is edited to show only the good days

Alain de Botton says that 'narcissism is a way of making sure you are connected to somebody and somebody is connected to you, proving that you are alive'. ilove the statement int the article which says 'we have an inner narcissist that begs to be heard..which i agree!

the conclusion of the article is 'millions more are still going to indulge in themselves online because if anything, it makes them feel good to feel important'

yeahhh...the article really is the reality of some of us..but we actually dont care coz it is our facebook and it our own twitter..so if anyone annoyed by your constant status update or constant twittwering it is up to them to hide or unfollow you..easy!

source: article Are you an online narcissist from september 2010 issue of CLEO Malaysia

Friday, August 27, 2010

nang it or dang it??

hey all...just broke my fast..it has been 17 days of fasting..how fast time flies right?today's entry is about innit by nuffnang..last week i registered for nuffnang add to put on my blog..just for fun, and maybe with a little bit of luck,there will be some earning from nuffnang...while i was exploring the buttons in nuffnang i discover something which is innit by nuffnang..

Innit by nuffnang is a place where i would post my new entries for other nuffnangers to read and rate..so,to post in Innit you first have to be a registered nuffnangers and has the status of Gliteratti..on the homepage of Innit,i can view other nuffnangers entries and there's also categories such as personal,entertainment,happenings,lifestyle and few others..

you can retrieve the latest entry from your blog to add on ur innit account..this is a good place to blog walk and to read other people's entry..

This is half of Innit homepage..

the best thing about innit is that you can rate other nuffnangers entries..so,if you like post u nang it and if you don't like it you can dang it..i haven't dang others' entries yet..haha..well hopefully i dont have to...

the other money generator is ChurpChurp..if you have a twitter or facebook,churpchurp can help you earn a few extra money..i just been chosen for a campaign by Celcom..i have to wait a couple of days before i've been chosen for any campaign..the campaign is about Glee Call Me Tones..so anyone,who read this,you can follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/ilidinamahadi

i think this is all of my insights on Innit and ChurpChurp will update more on new things i have discovered..

p/s: the time of this entry published is supposed to be at 7.40pm Malaysia Time..however,i have not change the time for my laptop from uk time to Malaysia time..that's why the time is 12.40pm..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Olie!

curi dari fb kamu..=)

Olie atau name sebenar Mohd Zulkifly mohd Shariff...first time berkenalan pada tahun 2006..di matriks melake..tak payah cite la mamat nih macam ne time matriks dlu..pemes,artis,n 1 matriks ah kenal die..(confirm je aku 1 matriks knal die) haha...die nih ade la nyanyi tuk event2 yang diadakan di matriks dulu..Tak sure macam ne bole berkenalan dengan die coz die nih dak sains hayat and aku dak akaun..hmm..misteri yg masih tk dapat diungkaikan..haha..dah masuk 4 tahun kite berkawan..wahh..tk sedar seyh mase berjalan begitu pantas..anyway,hari nih die dah 22 tahun..(aku tua 4 bulan dari die)...dah beso dah..haha..so entry nih khas tuk kamu ye..

HAPPY 22nd Birthday!!
Semoga happy selalu..
Semoga panjang umur..

ikhlas dari,
ilidina mahadi

p/s: entry ketiga hari ini! wahhh

All About London!

tiba-tiba je ade idea nak menulis..haha..tadi tgk2 gambar dalam hardisk and tengok2 posts kt innit pasal travel..so,entry kali nie pasal Attractions and Places in London that i have been...London is 2 hours away from canterbury by bus..aku n kawan2 tak la selalu g sane tp bile de nk beli souvenir or bile boxing day tuh sgt shok ah kalo shopping..haha..last boxing day aku g window shopping je..nggak ade ongkosnye..boxing day is the day after christmas..kalo kat europe boxing day tuh sale gle2 ah..macam Mega Sale kt Malaysia..semue branded stuff sale..GAP,Levis,Clarks,Nike, and macam2 lagi..yg paling best kalo g shopping kt London is kat Oxford Street...memang rambang mate la..hehe..tp aku pegi tengok2 je coz memang nak kene save duit..t takde duit nak makan plak..so far,takde gambar Oxford Street coz kat situ sgt sesak and tk berpeluang nak keluar kan camera ku..Here are a few pictures of the attractions in London..

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
London Dungeon
Arsenal Stadium
Chelsea Stadium
Royal Albert Hall
Covent Garden
Big Ben
London Eye
London Aquarium Sea Life (macam aquaria..)
Buckingham Palace

Setengah bulan sudah...

okay..hari nih dh masuk 15 hari puasa..rumah aku nih takde tradisi turun temurun ke hape ke..cume every first day puasa mama selalu buat nasi beriyani...tp for this year,mama masak nasi beriyani tuk berbuke puase hari ketiga..coz my sis iwani mahadi aka nini balik for overnight outing...yeahhhh..2 malam berbuka puase the whole family was there..best sangat feeling berbuka puase dgn family..

kteowg rajin gak g bazar..kalau tibe2 terase nk makan nasi kerabu ke nasi tomato ke..and aku suka sgt2 popiah goreng sambal kat bazar Batu Berendam Putra..sedap and garing..suke! banyak gak bazar yang mama n aku jelajah..contohnye,bazar kat Peringgit,bazar kt Bukit Baru,bazar kat Batu Berendam Putra..seronok dapat jalan2 dengan mama...

so far, puasa nih memang mengajar aku menahan kesabaran and temper aku..and aku akan try kekalkan level headed macam nih..membuatkn aku jadi someone yang tenang..walaupun sekarang nih aku agak depress and asek sedih je..family mampu buat aku tersenyum..dengan gelagat adeqku irsyad yg suka kacau2 aku n selalu masuk dalam bilik aku..kdg2 mmg annoyed tp he brings smile to my face..

memang btol de quotation dr anonymous 'Friends and lovers can tear you apart but family will always pulls you back together' aku dah hampir2 fall apart,tp my family sempat get me back together..without them,aku mmg akan jadi loser selalu!

p/s: i miss my sis..she'll start her holidays next week...weeee..cant wait to meet her..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Mexico menang Miss Universe 2010!

sumber drpd : sini

Tahniah miss mexico..semangat aku tgk miss universe..(padahal dah nk akhir2 bru aku tgk)..ok ikot turutan pemenang dr first smpai lime

1. Miss Mexico
2. Miss Jamaica
3. Miss Australia
4. Miss Ukraine
5. Miss Philippines

Aku sgt suke Miss Australia n Miss Mexico..sgt cantek..huaaa..best woo..bdn pun cantek,muke cantek..

ok nape aku tk jumpe gambar miss malaysia..ke aku nih yg tak reti cr..tkpe2 t aku akn try cari lg..yang aku tau name miss malaysia Nadine Ann..

p/s: terase mcm mau tgk je miss universe..next year di mane ye?tmpat same ekh tiap2 tahun?

Monday, August 23, 2010

pening kerane duit!

wahhhhhh...ye aku memang tengah pening kerane duit..huhu..duit oh duit..aku baru je email kat publisher magazine yg aku subscribe yg aku nk cancel subscription tuh..n baru email gym gonjeng coz die kate ujung bulan june abes dh membership aku..so tk pyh nk terminate coz akan terminate sendiri tp die still tarik duit aku..huuuu..memang sampai2 je aku kat canterbury nanti,aku g gym and terminate membership teros and demand explanation nape duit aku kene tarik...sabo jelah..

celcom berukband aku nie plak 3 hari lg nk kene bayar dh..huhu..rm103..wokeh..dgn line yg macam biskut,sgt slow,upload gmbr slow,selalu trdc dgn sendirinye pastuh kne byr seratos lebih..huaaaa..tak patot..line tepon kawasan rumah aku tgh dipasang..ble dh de je line tepon terus ku terminate celcom nih and pasang streamyx..yeahh!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


yesterday,i bought some watches online from my friend in kl..sgt2 comel..bought 1 for my sis also..it is like gelang /jam..1 rm10..btw,she's my schoolmate n kinda rapat gak dgn die..n her father is my father's friend..so,support2 la die berniage..these are the watches..

adeq sy punye! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


yeahhh...a new obsession of mine..haha..ORIGAMI! tadi pegi kedai rm5 so jumpe ah ketas origami nih..n tbe2 terpikir nk try origami...yg nie first batch ah..tersgt2 buruk! haha..tp ok ah for a girl that is not patient..haha..seriously experts says that origami is suppose to make someone relax,but i am not relax when doing it..pening nk lipat2 nih...huuu...tp seronok..de bende yg bole take my mind off of some things...

p/s: sy dah teror buat crane..weee

Monday, August 16, 2010


my arwah atok's coin collection

i have a new obsession now...haha..COINS!! i found my atok's collection yesterday..aku sgt2 teruje..byk sgt2 coins yg lame2..tadi beli buku baru tuh coins nih coz buku yg lame dh tk cantek coz kne makan dek anai2..

the oldest of the coins is the Malaya 1 cent coin year 1939 and for bank notes the oldest is thailand 5 Gilden year 1936..and i've checked one of the coins which is the 50cents 19 cant quite remember, the value now is rm140..wahhh..

i am going to find out the value of all the international coins..i have coins from south africa,hong kong,australia,thailand,vietnam,USA,UK,euro,swiss, and many more.....teruja sgt2!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mi Casa!

a few days before i came back to Malaysia,my family moved to a new house in Ayer Molek area..which is 30 minutes from Bandar Hilir Melaka...so,for this entry,i'm gonna put up some pictures of my house..

the front view of the house

dining hall

family room


living room

irsyad's bedroom

nini's bedroom

my bedroom

p/s: my house tak siap lg..belum ade langsir..hehe..this monday baru de owg pasang langsir...weee

new look!

title tuh bukan name brand di uk tp new look for my blog..last entry blog nih bulan may lepas..sekarang dh bulan ogos..lebih 3 bulan tk update pape kt blog nih..haha..aku lagi rajin update tumblr ku..hehe..tadi tibe2 je nak view blog nih and terperasan de new template designer..and agak senang tuk mengubah rupa blog nih..tak payah nak cr template kt website lain..hopefully dgn wajah bru nih akan membuatkan aku lagi rajin mengupdate blog yg dh berbulan tak update..hehe..last entry tuh before exam and sekarang aku dah kat malaysia n results exams pun dah dapat...so far,cuti best la gak..de hari2 yg bosan..de hari yg mase terisi penuh dgn aktiviti dgn family...

hari nih dah 4 hari pose..pagi td bersahur nasi lebih from berbuke..wahhhh..sgt kenyang ok..sampai sekarang..

dgn ini mengakhiri entry nih dgn janji yg akan sedaye upaye tuk update selalu..hehe..