Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are you an online narcissist?

i have just read the september issue of CLEO is the biggest issue ever(just like what it says on the cover)..and the cover girl for this month is Miranda Kerr,wifey of Orlando Bloom..yeahhh..she is so sexy and beautiful..okaaayy so,this entry is about one of the article in CLEO which is online narcissist..

so,here's a few questions to determine whether you are an online narcissist or not..

1. Have you ever feel compelled to update your facebook status?
2. Ever tweeted something irrelevant, just because you feel like it?
3. Is travel photos that you have uploaded only the best out of the bunch?

if you says yes to all questions, then you are AN ONLINE NARCISSIST!

i answered yes for all the no doubt that i am an online narcissist..i just realised it after reading the article..the signs that you are an online narcissist are as follows..

1. you consciously post status updates to make youselves sound wittier than normal
2. you profile picture is the best of the lot
3. your holiday album is edited to show only the good days

Alain de Botton says that 'narcissism is a way of making sure you are connected to somebody and somebody is connected to you, proving that you are alive'. ilove the statement int the article which says 'we have an inner narcissist that begs to be heard..which i agree!

the conclusion of the article is 'millions more are still going to indulge in themselves online because if anything, it makes them feel good to feel important'

yeahhh...the article really is the reality of some of us..but we actually dont care coz it is our facebook and it our own if anyone annoyed by your constant status update or constant twittwering it is up to them to hide or unfollow you..easy!

source: article Are you an online narcissist from september 2010 issue of CLEO Malaysia


almutarjimah said...

haha me too esp. edited pic.

nn said...

dulu ye la kot kalau pasal gambar tu. now, instead of upload gambar yang cantik, post gambar yang not too revealing. kesan tengok video pasal aurat kat FB tu. huhu

Ilidina.. said...

nowadays mmg edit gmbr cantek2 then bru upload..hehe

Ilidina.. said...

nn: bgos2..hehe..aku pn tgh nk kurgkn gmbr aku yg revealing sgt..hehe

CEO Billcorp said... many postings..

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

kak iliiiiii.. buat esaimen ke ni kak? da mcm article review yg slalu mis kon suruh buat... huhuhuhu =.=

-i'ΠΌ.Lemon said...


Ilidina.. said...

Bill: semangat berblog skrg! haha..

faten: a'ah esaimen nih..(apekah??) hahaha..btw,are you an online narcissist?

lemon: hmmm..what do you think?

Jessica Ang said...

Well, I believed that all facebookers or bloggers or twipples are like that!! Hahaha!! :D Not to mention, I'm on of them!! :P