Saturday, August 16, 2008

i'm home...

hmm..finally i'm home for the holidays...really happy to see my family yesterday..they are my world..without them i would not know how to survive..i really questioned how am i gonna study in uk and being far away from them..i will miss them like crazy..huhu..well,last nite i had a very good nite ipba,havent got any good nite sleep coz of the workload and the stress..huhu..i'll be going back to ipba on wednesday coz of the props..there are a lot of things that need to settle..huhu..the play will be on 27 august 2008 on a wednesday night..hoping that it will go smoothly..on the 23 august have to attend andie's wedding..well,she 'nikah' last year and this year she 'bersanding'..

This has got me thinking that i think 20 years old is still 2 young to get married but maybe andie is ready to carry the responsibilities..huhu..well,i need a solid 5 years to enjoy my life and to do the things i would not get to do after i get married..anyway,congrats 2 u andie..and may u'll be happy with your hubby..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big walk 2008

These are some of the photos that i took during Big Walk 2008 in Putrajaya!!