Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You're a Malaysian who's been to UK if...

yeahhh...i joined a group in facebook two months ago which called You're a Malaysian who's been to UK if...this group shows the after effect of being in the UK a few years then coming back to Malaysia..so,you're a Malaysian who's been to UK if these applies to you:

1. you open the tap water and drink from it!
- hahaha...yeahh..in the uk, it is safe to drink straight from the tap

2. you use Singapore and Thailand as landmarks when explaining where Malaysia is
- apparently,the some British people does not know where Malaysia is but they know where is Singapore and where is thailand..i usually say Malaysia is in between Sinapore and Thailand.

3. you shed tear when watching the youtube
- the connection speed in UK is superb..fast and you will not have to wait for buffer when watching youtube.

4. you wish that there's an amazon.com.my
- amazon.co.uk is a place where we can buy cheap books and stuff online..it's so easy to online shop there because we can just use paypal and we have debit card for our bank account..it is also an ATM card..

5. your BM improves quite a lot
- this is because we use BM for code conversation and when you want to say something bad about the local people..hehe

6. you now hold the door for people,respects the zebra crossing
- people in uk think that if a person does not hold the door for the other person,it is consider as rude. the drivers there respects zebra crossing..if they see u trying to cross the road they would stop and let you cross..

7. you enjoy sunsets at 8.30 pm or 10pm..
- sunsets during can be at 8.30pm or even close to 10pm..

8. you're happy that the shops closes at 10pm
- shops in the UK opens untill 6pm

9. you say sorry when you bumped into people even if it's not your fault
- people in the UK says when they bumped into you even if it's not their fault.

10. to you Genting is too hot for a jacket
- this is because, the hottest weather in the uk during the summer is around 23 or 24 degree celcius

these are few of the ifs..hehe..there are lots more on the group in facebook..search for it..You're a Malaysia who's been to UK if..

p/s: 17 more days to my flight going back to UK! huhu


aiwei said...

That is the problem I am having right now. I even got sunburnt during my recent genting trip.

Ilidina.. said...

aiwei: me too! hehe..just got back one month ago but already sunburnt..hehe

chris federick said...

You're a Malaysian who's been to AUSTRALIA if you've got 8/10 of the list here :D haha.

Ilidina.. said...

chris: hahaha...what is the two that is not in the Australia?

NorFa said...

nice post..suke..^_^

Ilidina.. said...

nor: thanks! hehe

Jessica Ang said...

Haha Ili! You're a Malaysian who has been to France too then!! Except for the shops close at 10. Here they closes at 8!! >.<

chris federick said...

7 and 8.

7- sunset at 5.30pm here

8- shop closes at 6pm =.=

maybe 5 sebab i tak ngumpat kot :P ya rite.

Ilidina.. said...

jess: haha..the shops in uk opens until 8pm only during summer i think..

chris: u tak mengumpat?wow!hahaha

SiMon Har said...

UK seems like a nice place to be in!

Ilidina.. said...

simon: yup2..but Malaysia is always the best! the best food! =)

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...

just got 6/10..walaupon seminggu je kat UK..huhu

Ilidina.. said...

arabella: what are the 6?hehe

Glo-w~* said...

are the people there more polite? all the sorry and TQ and stopping for people? coz i do that here^^ mayb i should move to uk? lols

Ilidina.. said...

Glo-w: some people in msia are also polite (including u) hehe

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...



Ronnie said...

a good place to visit but not to stay for long

Ilidina.. said...

ronnie: i agree!

~J'@nn~ said...

yea, agree with ronnie

Hilda Milda™ said...

i agree with point no 2. some even thought that msia is in singapore lol

ed.inc said...

so nice can go UK!
all the best for u lah!
althought i'm 1st time come in!
nice to meet u lah!!!

fzikuz said...

woah, seem like it gives more positive effect! good2!! ^^ eheh..

Ilidina.. said...

hilda:yup2..it's not easy explaining to them where is malaysia actually..hehe

ed.inc: nice to meet u too!

fzikuz: yup2..i started being more polite..hehe

ed.inc said...

hahahha! welcome!
why cant add u at fb de?
u going uk where?
go for study?

Ilidina.. said...

ed.c: cant add me?hmm..i'll add u la..i'm going back for my second year at canterbury..yup studying..=)

kusut said...

cool post. went to UK last month. awesome place. beautiful towns and cities.. love it so much!

the culture and attitide though, mostly similar with aussies (im living there atm btw).. but a lot more friendly.

but yeah.. living abroad makes us realize so many things we take for granted in malaysia eh?

Arief Arf said...

that list is so true.
i wonder what will happen when the brits stay here in malaysia and later go back home.
zebra crossing tolerancein malaysia?
haha u wish!


Ilidina.. said...

kusut: i agree! i do miss malaysia all the time..=)

arief: the brits will be so culture shock if the went back to uk from malaysia..hehe