Saturday, January 29, 2011

About Dates

Hey2 Dear Readers,

Early morning in Canterbury..It's 8.02 am as I am writing this post..This past one week was so busy and tiring..I had finished my school experience last Tuesday with a Malaysia day with the students..Each classes has different activities such as traditional games,currency,collage of states in Malaysia,drinks in Malaysia and many more..The last highlight of the day was the dancing from the dance group..There was malay dance, Indian dance,Chinese dance and Sumazau dance..It tiring but fun at the same time and I was actually relieved that the school experience has ended..weeee

I am in my second year and it is seriously tough..Currently i have a few of assignments to be submitted before Spring Break and around 3 micro teaching lessons that i have to do..huhu..

9 February 2011: Micro teaching Lesson 1

16 February 2011: Micro teaching Lesson 2

16 March 2011 : Submit Assignment Investigating English
Micro teaching Lesson 3

23 March 2011 : Submit Assignment First and Second Language Acquisition

This year all of the assignments and exams will be taken account of for the full mark at the end of my studies...huhu..I feel pressure from this..Hopefully I can do much better in my exams and assignments..and also micro teaching..

p/s: Not feeling well right now..combo illness..Fever,Flu and Cough..huhu..

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