Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bored! How irony!

Hey2 readers..

Who am I kidding opening an entry with that..haha..as if a lot of people reading my blog but it does not matter..I blog because I want to not because trying to force others to read

So,tonight I am again bored! But I remembered that I borrowed a book from a friend of mine so gonna read that after finishing my entry..

I feel bored tonight because I have watched gossip girl,dream high, and pretty little liars latest episode..but it is so irony that I am bored because my last entry a few days ago are about datea of my assignments..

I am bored but I have a lot of things to do..how irony..huhu..gonna stop writing now and start reading the book then i'll think about my assignment..luckily got no class tomorrow! Weeeee

The book i borrowed from shudy

Take care all and till next time

P/s: my throat itches..what to do?any remedies?huhu

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