Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Micro Teaching!


I finished my Micro teaching lesson 1..fuhhhh..instant and temporary relief! temporary je..huhu..Next week will be my Lesson 2..have to teach modals might,could and may..huuuu..It was totaly nerve wrecking because my group was the first group to micro teach..we arrived early and set up the activity that we will be doing on the lesson..I was so nervous when it came to my turn but all my friend cooperated well and they were so supportive..THANKS to all GROUP 1 for being such a great students! Had constructive comments from Mark and the observer group..Will improve for my second lesson!

p/s: current mode : workload overload!


Aida Ismail said...

Good luck Ili! saya punya 2nd micro-teaching next monday! hehehe

Ilidina.. said...

Good luck 2 u too cikda!