Tuesday, February 22, 2011


hey2 dear readers!

So,yeah I've got my allowance already..alhamdulillah..I am currently on my reading which is not the typical reading week..hectic as always..

Monday: 10am - Netball Practise
2pm - Language Awareness class

Tuesday: 2pm - Student Rep and Staff Meeting
Wednesday : 4pm - Teaching Literature discussion

Thursday: 10am - Netball Practise
2pm - First and Second Language Acquisition class

Friday: 11am - Tutorial with my Shakespeare lecturer

This entry is kind of boring...I feel that I have less reading time now..tons of assignments,1 more microteaching, and a presentation on the lesson plan for Teaching Literature...I actually feel guilty when I read a book with all the assignments waiting to be done are on my table..huhu..my wish list on Amazon website is getting longer and longer..haha..a lot of books that I would love to read..I am kind of in history mode because I feel excited learning about history stuff..

These are the books that I want!! gonna buy some of it..but not all..have to save my money for my euro trip during summer..I think I will buy the ancient egypt book and the six wives of Henry viii....hee..and the Terracotta Army..


muhammadthoriq said...

byk gle buku.

niny said...

happy buying your books on amazon kakak! i can't afford to buy u the items in your wishlist. hehehehe. :D