Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excuse me?

hey2 readers!

This entry is actually dedicated to a stranger that I do not know that well or even have never ever talked before. This person said that the reason I have only a few followers it is because I use English for entries. This person also said that, I should use BM if I want many people to follow me. Wahhhh!

Dear person,

I am firmly saying that this blog of mine is not for attracting people or even followers. It is up to them to follow my blog or not. This blog is for me to share my experience, heartache and everything that happens in my daily life. I can just easily switch from using English to BM but I do not want to. I want to practise my writing skill and also I like writing in English. I am not trying to show off my English proficiency, but I am trying to improve my writing. So, I hope this entry would make you realise that I am not attracting followers, I have a blog because I want to write and express myself.

Thank you!


nn said...

erk. ok kelakar. padahal aku jeles dengan orang yang boleh menulis in English. writing aku memang FAIL! huhu

❀aRaBeLLa❀ said...

kenapa org tu sgt busy body yer?

Ilidina.. said...

nn: mmg kelakar sgt! aku nk improve tbe2 de owg nk suh tulis bm plak

arabella: tk tau la nape..hee..tkde keje kot..

nuriqa said...

aku tau babe..msti org tu jelez coz ko leh speak well in english..hahaha..so sot la dat people:P