Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jiwang Morning..^_^

Hey2 what's up??

I woke up seriously early today..around 6am..and it is a Saturday biological clock can't be changed even if it is the weekends or holidays..aishhh..Called my mom this morning..I am glad that everyone is healthy and mom is currently doing her cake project..I am happy that my mom is happy and cheerful now..My family is my world! We talked about 40 minutes and I was trying my voip call that I just downloaded last is quite cheap to call Malaysia and it is free to call Malaysia landline..I can't skype my family because there is something with the laptop at home..Now that my house in Melaka has wireless connection and we finally have a landline after about 6 months with no stabil internet connection and no landline..

I am not sure why I am so jiwang this morning..I kept on replaying this one song from 4Men entitled I Can't..It is a korean song..there are 2 songs with same title but different artist..The other one is by 2pm..Love both of the songs!

I seriously don't mind or care if people say I am jiwang because I listens to Ballads..Every one has their own taste in music..^_^

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