Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog app on my iphone!

Hey2...i was checking out the itunes app store and discovered an app which is is an app for anyone to update their blog and there's a service for blog host such as blogger and wordpress..kinda of impressed! Now,i dont need to on my laptop to updatr my blog..i can update on the costs not sure how much it cost in is an affordable app and can also upload photos..below is the test upload

Me and niny

P/s: super impressive!


Xenotorax said...

walaupon ko agak cun ili,tp ak still suke awek sebelah ko tu la..cun sgt2..=D

Ilidina.. said...

hahaha.. least ko ckp aku cun gak..jadilah..

Xenotorax said...

kalau ko ade bubuh ape2 yg berkaitan bini ak sket ke jgn lupe link kt ak orait??haha

Ilidina.. said...

haha..orait! no problem!