Saturday, October 2, 2010

first week of Year 2!

yesterday was the last day of week one in term one and also the first day of October 2010! i finishes my last day of week 1 with Introduction to Shakespeare class...for the first class, i thought it was okay..nothing serious or heavy this module there are 5 texts that i need to read..which are Twefth Night,Macbeth,Richard iii,Shakespeare's Sonnets and lastly The Winter's Tale..the first text going to analyse is Twelfth Night..bought the book but havent started reading it yet..hee..So far, the first was okay..did not expect that this year will be so busy..i felt so busy this week..looking for jobs,volunteering,going to class and etc..

Yesterday,went to Argos to collect my new build urself bookcase and carried that thing from argos to my house which 759metre the distance..huihhh..and it weighs around 9.6kg..haaa..i was so excited to build it so hurried up to my room and start opening the box and read the first it was confusing but i manage..however,there were tools needed which i dont i knocked on my neighbour's door to borrow the tools..he said that he'll come by my house in half an hour..

after half an hour,he knocked my door with tools from screw driver to hammer..he asked me which tools that i need..

Me: This is the instruction..and the tools i need is hammer and this size of screw driver
My awesome neighbour: i have you want me to fix it up for you?
Me: i think i can manage although a bit confusing
My awesome neighbour: nahh..bring it down..i'll do it for you..
Me: *happy*

after 30 minutes or so,he finishes the bookcase..i helped him a bit..we talked and learned things about him..

From this!

To this!

P/s: thanks my dear awesome neighbour!! you are the best!

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