Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me and volunteering!

hey3 readers!

how's ur weekend?yesterday i went to Strode Park to volunteer and it was my first time..hee..i was so nervous and clueless in what i am going to do there..i went there with ana,amalina,zz,lipvi,seetal,ivon,and sem..we took the bus that was heading to Herne Bay and it was a 20 minutes bus ride..i thought the foundation is far but it was not that far..yesterday was the first anniversary of the Saturday,there was a little celebration and there was a cake..and it was so delicious! I was sad at first when seeing the people in Strode Park..i remember how i took care of my Grandfather when he was sick and i was 13 years was tough because he was always restless but eventually my mom send him to the old folks home because they have trained nurses and n my mom visit my grandfather everyday until he passed away on the 14th feb 2001..i was so sad..i was quite close with my,looking and the people at the Strode Park really brings out all the memories..

so,enough with all the sad stuff..yesterday,i played dominoes with one of the people there..his name is Jonathan...when i lost and did not have the tiles he will be the one that laugh the was so much fun seeing him so happy..i even let him win because i love it when he laughs and smiles..

so,below is some of the pictures i took yesterday...the quality is not good because i took it with my phone..hee

lipvi giving chocolates to maggie
zz played the scrabble
this is jonathan! =)

P/s: Al-fatihah to both of my Grandparents..
P/ss: i miss my family so much!!!


Aida Ismail said...

Al-fatihah =) jangan sedih2 yer..

Ilidina.. said...

cikda: =)

najwa said...

baru je dua malam lepas mimpi arwah atuk... rindunyeer..

Khuzie said...

Nina,I miss Atuk too! We sent atuk at a care and rehabilitation centre because Atuk had dementia. He was very restless and had other medical problems which needed professional attention.That was why we couldn't take care of him at home and the trained personnels at the centre could. But when he was at home I'm sure he appreciated you as the care giver. Keep on the good work of volunteering!

Clarky Afif said...



wa wa so nice of u.
sometimes it is fun to be with those who are lonely.

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