Sunday, March 20, 2011

There will be no free of workload!

Hey2 dear readers

I have no feeling to continue my story during my school experience..Will continue when I feel like it..I was just looking at my calendar and was so happy that thinking I will be free from workload in June 2011 because at that time the exams will be finished..weeee..but then I just thought that I have to work on my dissertation for my third year..huuuu..but still it will never change my anticipation of my Euro trip in July..weeee again!

And it got me thinking, there will be no free of workload from the day I start primary and till now..

Primary School : Adjusting to new surroundings and preparation for UPSR
Lower Secondary School : Preparation for PMR
Upper Secondary School : Preparation for SPM
Matriculation : Preparation for university life
Foundation in Ipba : Preparation for degree course in CCCU
CCCU & 4th year in Ipba: Preparation for future career which is a teacher-to-be

After finishes my degree education, the real workload will come. studying to be a teacher and being a teacher is not easy! This year I have done lots of lesson plans and practising in being a teacher..If teacher trainee is tough thus being a real teacher will be 100 times tough!

So, I salute to all my teachers from primary and secondary school, my lecturers in KMM and IPBA and to all educators in this world as I know now that being an educator is not an easy job as everyone sees it..

p/s: Monday - Presentation lesson plan for Teaching Literature
Tuesday - Presentation for Professional Development
Wednesday - Submission of 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition
Thursday - CCCU Malaysian Day
Friday - will be free after 3pm! weeeee

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