Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long distance relationship....

memang payah ah...huhu..dh 5 bln tk jumpe tau..huhu..kuantan n kl jauh sgt ke?tk kot...mcm ne ble aku nk fly t?3 thn tk i handle it?can he wait for me?hmm...sshnye...really hope that this will last forever...he is the first..some people said that if you love someone let him go..if he comes back to you, then he is yours..i let him go once..and he comes back to he mine?dulu fikir yg if aku kne tggl, aku bley cari lain..but this time aku tk mau kne tggl n tk mau cr lain...i want to cherish my relationship this time..sbb 2 if die ckp die bz, aku try 2 understand...he means a lot to me..i hope that i will stay loyal and so will he..dear H,miss u and will love you forever..

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izzyzatt said... will work if both give your commitment....n believe in each other...:)