Friday, November 26, 2010

yeah! i am back!

dear readers,

i am so surprised that my laptop has been working great this week...maybe it's because i have to submit 2 assignments in couple of weeks..and in 2 weeks time i am gonna have my winter break..yeahhhhh! one month of holidays!

for this entry am gonna summarise the NOTTS GAMES that I went on 6th November 2010..we register a netball team for this game and we played well but lost to 2 was from university of Warwick and another is the host themselves..we were third place in the group..did not qualify to next round but no worries..we'll be back next year! there were 7 teams in a group including CCCU team

1. CCCU vs Reading - 14-0
2. CCCU vs Kent - 7-4
3.CCCU vs Leeds - 7-0
4. CCCU vs Warwick - 1-6
5. CCCU vs Notts - 4-5
6. CCCU vs RSMU - 4-4

in my opinion,CCCU team rock and the best team ever!! we showed them and we'll be back next worries!

here are some pictures that were took on that day

p/s: pictures credit to Fatin and niny


anyss said...

Assigment dah hantar blom? jangan lupa lak...karang pensyarah lupa lak nak bagi markah hu huhu

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Ilidina.. said...

assignment belum hantar lg..hehe..2 mggu lg nk hntr..dlm proses membuat