Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Home..

Actually m at home since saturday tp hari nie baru rajin nak tulis blog..hehe..semalam pegi tengok movie with my sis n had breakfast at coffee bean with my mom n my sis...kteowg tengok cite hannah montana n night at the museum 2...both of the movies are nak pegi tengok wayang lagi..hehe..with irsyad n nini..tengok cite 17 again..i've booked the ticket online..hehe..hmm...exam results will be out this week..aduh..saye sangat cuak..huhu..hopefully lulus la..anyway..i'll be home for 3 months..i'll be blogging actively as i have streamyx internet connection here..hehe..this is just a quick entry..thats all for now..will continue later..


Atiqa Saleh said...

"i'll be home for 3 months"

sumpah aku jeles.

Ilidina.. said...

hehe..sbr2 iqa..