Monday, June 1, 2009


well..june has arrived..huhu..yesterday went to wisma putra in putrajaya to do the letter of good conduct..leceh sungguh..dtg2 aje kne buat 5 in a group then submit the forms..the worse part is that we have to wait till after 2 pm for that letter..and it was only 11 am when we submitted the forms..have to wait for 4 hours..aish..but mind friends and i did not wait at the wisma putra..we went to alamanda for lunch..took the bus..we went to mcd for 2.30pm we went back to ipba by ipba bus..i was bored to death yesterday i decided to watch movie from my laptop..i know i should have gone back to melaka but i want to stay here in kl for a few more spend time with my friends...and btw,our coordinator told us that we will know our results by next week...huh...kinda worried..but hopefully i passed..coz i did my best..huhu..

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