Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions!!

1) Never let anyone control my life

2) Will never let anything affect me

3) Reduce the crying session..pliz

4) Want to know someone that will accept me for who i am

5) Will ignore any remarks about my weight, my looks, anything that is physical about me

6) Will try to ignore his lack of attention for me but focus on things he would do for me and what
he had done for me

7) Try to be a good sister for my sis and lil bro

8) Will try to be more understanding

9) Will try to not waste money

10) Will try to be less LOUD


iDzruLezZ said...


izzyzatt said...


Ilidina.. said...

haha..mmg semangat nih..harap2 bley la capai semue tuh..hehe

Jessica said...

Good luck, and happy new year Ili!

Ilidina.. said...

thanks jess..hehe..