Thursday, December 4, 2008


29 November 2008

Went to watched twilight at Melaka Mall with my sis..The movie was good..edward cullen the best looking guy for this him!!Ok i'm star struct..

30 November 2008

Stayed at home..watched cheetah girls:one world and halloween..Halloween was scary and i actually had dreams after watching it..huhu..i dreamt that the killer came to my house and kill my family just like he kills the girl's family in the story..huhu

1 December 2008

First day of December..i realised that i have only 1 month left before i'm going back to ipba..okay..started study a lil bit on lexical relationship..haha..BORING..but what to do..need to be prepare for the finals on May..i think when the semester starts i wont have much time to study coz i will be busy on the last semester of my foundation year..

2 December 2008

Nothing much..just the usual..woke up..shower..wash

3 December 2008

Surf the internet for hotels in Alor Setar Kedah..It's for my family vacation end of this year..

4 December 2008

Today i played theme park on my brother's's fun..get to build my own theme park altho it's lame but it's fun..i kinda enjoyed it..haha..Downloaded some videos and gossip girl season 3..addicted to gossip girls!!

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iDzruLezZ said...

Twilight mms sgt best..
aku nak tgk lg skali..
btw, nk gtau ko..
aku da ade 4 series book twilight..
abes muvie 2 ade smbungan lg..