Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cuti-cuti malaysia...

From the 21st until 24th of december, me and my family went on our family vacation...our destination was LANGKAWI...

First day of the trip-21st dec 2008..

bertolak dari rumah around 10a.m...had breakfast then cruise to subang jaya for lunch..ayah chu buat makan2..then around 1.30 p.m. cruise the highway to our first stop Kellie's castle in perak..the place was kinda creepy coz there are stories that the owner of the castle soul is still floating around the corridors of the castle..

Arrived in Alor setar around 9p.m...stayed there for one night..
Second day of the trip-22nd dec 2008..

Bertolak from the hotel in alor setar at around 9a.m then had breakfast at pekan rabu..Arrived at Kuala perlis jetty at 11a.m...took the 11.30 ferry to langkawi..arrived at langkawi at 1.30p.m....panas wo kt langkawi..huhu..ayah sewa kereta..stayed at langkasuka beach resort..petang tu main basikal with my gile..dah lame tak naik basikal..

Third day of the trip-23rd dec 2008

Went all over langkawi...makam mahsuri...kuah..underwate world..pantai for sgt2..hehe..

Last day of trip-24th dec 08

Packed our bags and left the resort at 10.30a.m...went to dataran lang..ayah pulangkan kereta while me n my sis shopping chocs lg..hehe..

On the way back to melaka...pegi jalan2 kat kangar and arau..the total of states that we covered ialah 7 cuti sekolah boleh pergi east coast plak..finally arrived at malacca at 11p.m. sharp..penat 1 badan..

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